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Our Mission:

To provide tutoring, mentoring and financial aid to kids in underserved communities in the U.S.A, the Caribbean, Europe, Asia and Africa.



The DreamChaser International Foundation was founded by Kibwe Trim.  Born and raised on the island of Trinidad and having pursued his dream relentlessy to become an International professional basketball player, Kibwe always held a burning desire to encourage young people to see their dreams and realize that they are attainable in spite of the odds.  


With this desire, DreamChaser International was born, and just as its name suggests, attempts to reach young people across the globe and to let them know that in spite of their situation, and no matter how the odds may seem to be stacked against them, if they have the will, there is most probably a way to turn their dreams into reality!  The goal is to help realize dreams, one kid at a time!



Board Of Directors


Joslyn Pennywell

Most people know this Southern Belle from the hit CW Network show America’s Next Top Model 11.  She is a well-traveled & professional model, actress, host, & public speaker that moved from the quant village of Lucky, Louisiana to California to continue to pursue her career. Joslyn is an expert on the runway  & has toured The U.S.A, Canada, & the Bahamas with Ebony Fashion Fair.  She has appeared in several films, commercials (Fast Tax, AT&T, Buffalo Wild Wings, etc.), & TV shows over her 15 years in the industry.  She is a writer & producer, creating inspirational projects to exploit her many talents. She holds a Masters of Science in Criminal Justice & Bachelors of Science in Business Management from Grambling State University. She is a former Miss US Miss National Pageant title holder. She loves volunteering within her community, as well as with different nonprofit organizations. Her motto is “Never Give Up” because she strongly believes that all things are possible through Christ, & she continues to grow, expand, & inspire.

Roslyn Trim

Roslyn Cooper-Trim pursued a teaching career after attending high school at St George’s College on her native island, Trinidad. She is the Retired Principal of Malick Secondary School in Morvant, Trinidad where she taught for her entire working life from 1976 until her retirement in 2010. Mrs. Trim holds a Masters Degree in Education from the University of Sheffield, England, an Executive Diploma in Management and School Leadership from the Institute of Business/University of the West Indies in Trinidad, and a Masters Degree in Religious Studies from the Caribbean College of the Bible International. She is at present pursuing a Doctoral Degree in Biblical Studies at the Caribbean College of the Bible International. Mrs Trim is a wife and the mother of four adult children. She is a dedicated Christian woman and an ardent Scrabble player.  Her extensive career in the field of education has given her a wealth of experience in intereacting with young people!


Aisha Trim

Aisha was born and raised in Trinidad and Tobago. After she graduated from secondary school, she journeyed to the US to pursue her dream of becoming a pyschologist. She has since obtained a Bachelors in Psychology, A Masters in Educational Psychology and a Specialist Certification in School Psychology. Additionally, Aisha has obtained the credential of a nationally certified school pyschologist. As a school psychologist, she is afforded the opportunity to work with children and parents of various backgrounds. Additionally, in this capacity, she collaborates with teachers and administrators to enhance the learning environment.  Her knowledge and expertise in dealing with young people of all different ages, background and academic levels is a huge asset to The DreamChaser International Foundation.

Nicole Simpson

Thanks to a helping hand Nicole arrived on the island of Manhattan from the island of Trinidad with zero dollars and a million dreams. She was overwhelmed by the tall buildings, wide streets and large cars, but her new journey began. Today, after having pursued and achieved many goals, Nicole believes that sharing and helping others is optimal. “You never know the far reaching effects of a helping hand.” She has had many jobs and has worked her way through the corporate, retail and wholesale worlds and is now focused on LIVING her passions and embracing her space in the world. She is an entrepreneur, actor, writer, host and comedian. Nicole’s experience with helping others over the years will allow her to make a valuable contribution to The DreamChaser International Foundation.

Nadine Khan