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Our Mission:

To provide tutoring, mentoring and financial aid to kids in underserved communities in the U.S.A, the Caribbean, Europe, Asia and Africa.



Kibwe Trim

The DreamChaser International Foundation was founded by Kibwe Trim.  Born and raised on the island of Trinidad and having pursued his dream relentlessy to become an International professional basketball player, Kibwe always held a burning desire to encourage young people to see their dreams and realize that they are attainable in spite of the odds.  


With this desire, DreamChaser International was born, and just as its name suggests, attempts to reach young people across the globe and to let them know that in spite of their situation, and no matter how the odds may seem to be stacked against them, if they have the will, there is most probably a way to turn their dreams into reality!  The goal is to help realize dreams, one kid at a time!


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